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the crippled prophet. genius.

the dark poets. i plagerised their name. but they didn't mind.

careless. southampton band, and frequent flyers with thedarkimage.

white man kamikaze. like listening to a riot with your head in a steel tin.
if anyone can sell me a copy of their records, please email.

control of reason. photographees and top band.
***** you can see their latest shoot with thedarkimage here. *****

metro riots. they rock

broken saints. feed your inner goth.

five miles high. uk rock 'n' roll resources

3dBs down web site

zen motel web site

kitty hudson web site

v8 pack web site

sinnerstar web site

loose thread web site

b*movie heroes web site

all things music web site

an excuisite corpse

banksy - weapons of mass distraction

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